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The abbey welcomes you 


The story 

Foundation of the abbey in the 5th century transformation in the 10th century where it will adopt the rules of knows benoit. it was ravaged for the first time by the Normans between 888 and 898. It will reappear from these sendre 100 years later in 980. it was looted and burnt down by the English in 1349. Completely restored in 1399 it will be devolved in 1411 by the Burgundians. Restore again between 1499 and 1919 By the abbee Etienne de Nitry who gave all the pomp to the abbauye propelling it into the 12 most powerful and influential abbey in France.  

followed by a long decline until 1791 or it will be desacalized then sold as National good  

since this glorious religious period, the abbey has been in turn inn restaurant hotel then relais chateau and 2 michelin guide macarons in 91 before falling back into oblivion and abandonment until 2013 the year when we were given as chalange to give back to this place a bit of its superb after 2 years of work we reopened the Restaurant and the bar it took us 3 more years to reopen the first 5 rooms and the adventure has only just begun we are trying to bring this place back to life by restoring it with it's dependence in noublian never are passing by by having it returned to a modern haire  

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